Issue and
Store securely
in the blockchain
Securely Issue and Verify Critical Documents Online, And Enable Your Customers To Do The Same

Why Cronica?

Our lives and identities are coordinated digitally, online. We need a document authentication solution that is as easy as a website, but as secure as a physical vault.

  • Cronica 1. Generate a programmable document
  • Cronica 2. Securely store document data on the blockchain
  • Cronica 3. Verify the document using a digital signifier

Digital Authentication Made Secure

Cronica is the first document authentication solution to use blockchain technology. By separating document data from document representation, Cronica makes it possible to issue and verify critical documents without requiring human intermediaries to read sensitive data or handle physical documents.

Only the document required for authentication is stored – securely, in machine-readable form – on the blockchain.

A Platform That Protects Document Data, And Makes Authentication Simple

Separation of Document Data

Cronica protects document data by separating it from its readable template. Document data is cryptographically stored on the blockchain with permission-based access, and retrievable only by those with the document’s digital signifier.

Programmable Documents

Each Cronica document is a ‘living’, programmable document represented through a smart contract. A document’s smart contract can be accessed inside the Cronica blockchain by permissioned parties, and conditions placed upon it.

Security and Compliance

Cronica only stores the data necessary to generate and authenticate critical documents; no personal data is stored on the blockchain. Cronica is also ISO27001, ISO27017, GDPR, COBIT 2019, and NIST SP 800-53 compliant.

Search and Authorize

Document data can be searched and verified by those with either the document’s unique ID or QR code. A readable document is generated through combining document data and the document’s template.

Integration and APIs

Cronica features multiple integration levels for easier integration into existing infrastructure, with an API for each service. Integrating organizations may use Cronica to replace or supplement their existing authentication processes.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Cronica can be accessed on any device that supports website browsing. Documents can be issued and verified remotely, at any time and from any location, allowing organizations to offer frictionless authentication to their customers.